Charity Miles App Reviews

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Broken :(

March 24th update has rendered the app unusable. Crashes when loading. Was working before that...

Since the last update

I loved the app until the last update I tap it crashes... Everytime please help

Great app

I like using it every time I walk or run.

Broken app

Doesnt work at all. Doesnt track sessions.

Works great but...

It would be nice if it can integrate with fitness tracking devices...

Doesnt work proper

It crashes and i have errors. Using ipod touch 4g.


Please add sharing buttons on each run/walk, bug report form (through email is fine), fix the preloading images in profile (saying that loads, but doesnt show nothing) and the ability to stop a run or a button to manually start the run. If you click by mistake you have to kill the app. For the rest, congratulations for the efforts and the idea ;)

Let s donate guys

I think the app is a great idea! Hope the money goes to those people who need it!

Great idea!

Finally an app which allows everybody to do something for the world. Never stop!


Running and charity. What else ?

Wonderful app

Great app to use to get credit for working out and give to a charity!

More options

I wish the app would provide a mileage counter for the elliptical and an indoor bike. I love the purpose of this app, but as a stay-at-home mom I have to wake up early to get my workouts in and I only am able to write my bike outside once a week. I could definitely get in a lot more miles with the app if those options were available.

Best app EVER!!!!!

This is an awesome app, and it helps you to be healty.

Works great

Money for charity and a way to track miles. That works for me.

Great app

I cant verify how much its helping the organizations, but I can say Ive never had this app glitch out on me, it has quite a few non-profits to choose from, and its easy to navigate.


This app helps others while you do something that helps you...whats not to love??!! ❤️


Beautifully designed app with an incredible purpose. Great company, great app.

So easy to do!

I love knowing that every step I take is a tiny bit of help for my charity

Bring back the old version!

I have used Charity Miles a lot in the past, but with each update the app has gotten worse and worse. It wont work unless I allow Charity Miles to always have access to my location. I turn off the app and I turn my location services off and then I get a notification the next day that Charity Miles is still trying to track my location. I used it today and it refuse to log the distance I just completed. This was a great app in the past but the new version is so bad that I had to delete it which bums me out.


This is cool. Not sure where the money comes from though

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