Charity Miles App Reviews

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Awesome! But...

I love this app, the concept is great! I would love it even more if it could sync with pedometers . I have a Fitbit, which I wear all the time, but my phone is too big for me to carry all the time when I go for a walk or a run.

Works perfectly

Use almost no battery, is accurate and help other people. What else?

a bit of humanity in this sick world...

This app is great. I dont know how they do that and how they can make donations from miles but the concept is genius. Thank you so much. We need more people like you.

Amazing idea

Its such a great concept, im glad i found this app : its so rewarding and motivating, knowing doing your gym benefits not only you, but a lot of people! If every regular runner knew about this app, it would be amazing!

Good idea

If its a real deal, its excellent!

Just brilliant

That is all!

Easy to use, great cause

I habe been using it for jogging outside as well as going for a walk. It worked perfectly and is very easy to use. There is a big variety of good causes I can choose from.

A very good and rewarding app!!

Ive walked and biked so much more since Ive gotten this app. This app has given me the push and motivation I needed to go out and move. Now Im always on the move and on the cause.

Pokemon Go Players Unite!

Team Mystic runs for you!

Raise money by moving

This idea is so great and yet simple, everybody should know about it and support it. Spread the word everyone and raise money together!

Amazing app! 100% would recommend

This app is great! Its so simple and easy and takes literally no effort. It keeps you motivated since you run for a good cause, which you can even choose! Anybody that runs should get it!

Good little app

Nice free app that helps raise money for charities.

Whats not to like

You run, you donate... Whats not to like?.

Love it

Discovered this app through a running group I belong too. So far its great. :). It be good if some non-United States charities could be involved ( though maybe I didnt see if there are).

Love the concept.

Encourages more physical activity while combining philanthropy. Best combination!

The old version better

I would give it five stars but I like the old version and way money was distributed to charities. I preferred seeing the amount I was contributing from each walk/run.

Great with Pokemon go!

Works great for me

Great app for a great cause

I work in retail and use this app while I work. Ive helped raise thousands of dollars for great causes without having to go out of my way

So nice

I turn this on every day when I go out, it makes me want to walk more. There was one company supported by timex where I walked 8 miles in a day... And the they donated $0. But when I walk for WWF it funds them like $10 000 for 5miles

Love It!

Only really wish I had an option to see exactly how much money my walk made but other than that its fabulous!

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