Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker App Reviews

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This app saved my life and many others! I wouldnt have passed many of my classes without it. This made me find joy in walking and pretending to walk well shaking my phone on the couch well eating food and liking instagram pictures well sending pics with 18 chins to my pals. Love it!


This is a great way to work out and raise $$$!!! I reccommend.

Good app good cause

The title says it all plus its user friendly

Charity Miles

I love that I can donate, work on my fitness and track the distance..Best app ever!!

Motivational app. Makes me want to walk and run more

Great app. My goal is to walk and run more, and this app gives me an extra incentive for doing so.

Love the idea

Love the idea and how easy it is. The calibration on the miles isnt off a bit though. But overall love everything else

Would like a daily and running total

I love the app because you can have it running in the background while I play Pokémon Go. Would like to be able to see a daily total and an ongoing total for myself.

For Charity

Great app to donate walking or running miles to a favorite charity or charities indoor or outdoor!!


This app is great! It makes you feel so good after!


The best app ever!!!love that I help people every day!!

Just Do It!

Super easy to use. As long as you remember to turn it on! All miles for fabuous cause(s). Just Do It!

Like this app, but wish it was more useful

I love this app and I love the idea of it! It is my go-to when running but lately as Ive begun to start training for spring races Ive been needing to use other apps. I wish this app could do what others do in terms of pace tracking, mileage, time, and giving the option of a verbal mile marker. This would be so awesome and would make me so much more likely to use this regularly and in my training. This is also why none of my runner friends like the app- because we cant check our stats afterward to monitor progress.

Great app, great cause

In a very positive way, Im blown away by this. My friend told me about the app and I was rather impressed from my first time using it. The app interface is simplistic and the changes we make as a community are vast. Constructive criticism, if the Organizations were alphabetized that would seal the deal for me.


Not very accurate if you did the elliptical to count activities

Needs to add amount raised

Great idea but Ill echo what others have said: I would like to see how much $ I am contributing when I run and to see it growing every time I do a session rather than just you ran X number of miles. I feel like this would motivate me a lot more because I would actually see results.

Love it!

My son died of leukemia November 5, 2015. I love that I can help raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and for St Judes just by walking to relieve my stress. This app makes me want to walk more!


Great app, easy access and for a good cause

Good Concept, room for improvement

Love the app idea but I hate running with my phone. Ill echo others in suggesting we be allowed to sync with Garmin or other similar apps so we can log the miles more accurately and without having to carry another device.

Easy to use, motivates me

Decent variety of charities to choose from, simple to use, can access my run/walk history.

Great app!

I love the idea and the app itself. I wish there more capabilities such as calories and such and also wish that you could have more visibility on Teams. Overall though I love this app!!!

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