Charity Miles App Reviews

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For Charity

Great app to donate walking or running miles to a favorite charity or charities indoor or outdoor!!

Would like a daily and running total

I love the app because you can have it running in the background while I play Pokémon Go. Would like to be able to see a daily total and an ongoing total for myself.

Love the idea

Love the idea and how easy it is. The calibration on the miles isnt off a bit though. But overall love everything else

Motivational app. Makes me want to walk and run more

Great app. My goal is to walk and run more, and this app gives me an extra incentive for doing so.

Charity Miles

I love that I can donate, work on my fitness and track the distance..Best app ever!!

Good app good cause

The title says it all plus its user friendly


This is a great way to work out and raise $$$!!! I reccommend.




I love the app. Its so good to run and help other people in the world with my workout!


Spread the word!!! This app should be on every cellphone on the planet!!

Corrupt charities

There are no legitimate charities for helping animals or the wildlife. There are only three to choose from and they are all corrupt. I have no interest in helping these so called charities.

Great app and awesome idea

But it would be nice if you could see how much money you earned overall, and have got more information on your profile.

Win Win

Great app- I love that each time Im exercising something is being donated to a charity. Very motivating!

Absolutely perfect.

Wonderful project!

Charity Miles

Great thing! Doing something for your own health while donating for others!!

Good concept

Yet to test for stability and full functionality

Very motivating

Exercise and be charitable at the same time!

Easy way to make a difference!

Great concept! Works perfectly and helps great causes.

Run with purpose

Really great way to work out and support!!!!

Great concept

Awesome concept to incorporate fitness and charity. It would be awesome to have a home marker of how the app is doing in meeting its $1,000,000 target - maybe a bit of additional motivation. Also, maybe a way to set personal goals a d to track overall progress.

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