Charity Miles App Reviews

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Eats your data!

I never went over my data plan until I had this app! I receive two phone bills one was 169$ and the next was 368$. I was so blown away that it would go that high and disappointed. That money went to bell when it could of went to a charity. Deleted this app after I got my last phone bill. Its a great concept but just a warning I wish I had!

Great App!

I love this app! I use it everyday! It feels so good to know you are doing good in the world by raising money and awareness for great charities all while getting in your daily workout!

Not for Canadians

This is a great idea BUT it was a real let down not to be able to use this in Canada.

Tried to sign up

Wouldnt allow me to use a postal code instead of a zip code. Plus why bother asking that if I can just allow the app to know my location. The idea for the app is good though

This is pretty awesome

I love this idea and it works well but I wish it would count step distance instead of physical distance because I cant use the app in the winter with my treadmill

Indoor run and Canadian users

Great app and I love the concept behind it! I would really love it if you brought back the indoor run feature since I would still like to use it during the winter which lasts 6 months of the year where I live. Also for other Canadian users, since it wont accept a postal code in replacement for a zip code, try signing up through Facebook instead! Worked for me!

Great app but disappointed

I really like this app, its great but when I went to finish a run, it completely glitched and I lost all my miles:( this hasnt happened before and I hope it doesnt happen again, please fix!!!

Location services?

5 stars for the idea! BUT for some reason I cant find it in my location services to activate


Love the idea, but the numbers dont seem to be moving at all.

Stopped working

This app worked great for a few months, then it stopped tracking my miles. Pls fix! Wish it was a little more Canadian friendly.

Why wouldnt you use Charity Miles?!

Its free. You generate funds for charities with the miles youre already running or walking! Awesome!

Great but inaccurate tracking inside

I love this app, but indoors sometimes it tells me less than half of my actual distance which stinks. Outdoors it is great!

Charity Miles

It is a good app but when I run inside it only tracks half my miles

Awesome App!!!

This is an awesome app!!! There is literally no easier way to donate to charity. You donate just by walking around with your phone in your pocket and it doesnt cost you a dime!!!

Great idea

Great idea. I love what this app is doing, every little bit counts! Sometimes I wish there were more options for charities and that I didnt get the little email after every run promoting me to share my run but I still use this app everyone I go out! Love that it keeps track of your total mileage as well!

Great app and idea.

Love this app. Run and donate!

Giving a little something back

It is a great app and I love that there are so many charities to sponsor. But I wish there were a few that havent been added. Glad that they fixed the problem where sometimes the app would stop counting


So cool that you can support charities while getting in shape!! Omg love it!!

Amazing concept!

Great concept - everyone once in a while there is a small bug where it stops working but its still well worth it.

Easiest way to give

Love this app

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