Charity Miles Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Mobile App Raises Money for Charity While You Exercise

PCMag spoke with Gene Gurkoff, the founder of Charity Miles, about the mobile app that tracks your workouts and donates to a charity of your choosing based ...

Charity Miles App

A how-to/review of the popular phone app Charity Miles, which you can download here: ▻ Facebook: ...

10 Best Running Apps | Runners Pace

10 Best Running Apps http:/ A smartphone's built-in sensors make it a great platform for a variety of running apps that can track ...

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Charity Miles - Denise Claycomb

Denise Claycomb runs 13 Charity Miles a day for Autism Speaks--becoming the first to run 2000 miles.

Top 10 Fitness Apps For iphone

1.Spring Moves 2.Strava Running and Cycling 3.Zombies Run 4.Charity Miles 5.Map My Run 6.Lifesum 7.My FitnessPal Calorie Counter Diet Tracker 8.

iOS Today 248: Activity Apps

Hosts: Megan Morrone and Leo Laporte. Activity apps for your iOS devices: RunKeeper, Zombies, Run!, MyFitnessPal, Charity Miles, Atari Fit, and more!

Get In Shape With These Apps & Gadgets

Runmeter GPS Pedometer - Running Cycling Walking Jogging Run & Interval Trainin iPhone & iPad Review

A quick review of Runmeter GPS Pedometer - Running Cycling Walking Jogging Run & Interval Training for the iPhone and iPad. To check out more reviews, ...

What's on my iPhone?! [TAG] ☎ A Guide to A Million Amazing Apps ☮

It seems as though the definition of "first world problem" might be "wanting to download so many apps that I don't know where to begin". Have no fear! In this ...

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