Charity Miles 앱 리뷰

Overall Good

I use this app every day and I have a charity miles team. The only thing I wish it did was link to a tracker. I use my data on my phone up soooo quick. No I don’t have unlimited data. So that is a pain!

Battery drain

This app uses a lot of battery.

Fitness watch

I wish it would pair with my Apple Watch. I don’t like to hold my phone while I walk.


Logged less than .25 of my walk.

Great App

I love this app. I have donated over 3,400 quarters and dimes to my favorite charity, Team Red White and Blue. To think I used to workout for free. I wish this app existed when I was in the military. Imagine how many thousands of quarters I’d have earned. Great job, Charity Miles.

Drains phone battery 😞

I absolutely love the idea of this app, it’s amazing and I want to support my team and the foundations! But the app is killing my battery, within an hour or so my battery goes from 100% to around 7% and I use my phone for work and school. It’s a hassle having t plugged in all the time and unplugging it every time I walk.

Great easy way to be charitable & healthy

I just discovered this app. Walk (or run or bike) indoors or outside. Your distance converts to $$ for a charity of your choice. These are well known, well administered charities. This is another motivation for me to be physically active while doing a good deed. It is a great start to the day!

Doesn’t track

Loved this app for years but recently when I start the timer works but my steps don’t track. I have re-downloaded it 2 times as well as written for help and still haven’t heard of a fix. Disappointing

Sex trafficking charity

I’d like to have my steps count towards an anti-trafficking charity and there aren’t any supported through this app.

Great motivation to exercise

I love the effect of having this app. Competition among team members for miles, helping raise money for charity, see history of exercise and easy to use. All great!!!!!

Mile track error

The app has starts with 6 miles before you start your workout. It doesn’t track beyond that mileage. Since the IOS update it has not worked properly. Fix it please.

Tracker is flimsy at best

Each time I use this app, I have to uninstall and reinstall it to get the tracker to work. Today when I opened the tracker, it said I was moving over 1400mph and had logged 6mi within 2 seconds. I guess I’m winning my company’s walk challenge, cause I’m apparently Flash.

Great app

It’s a great gesture to help out WHILE being healthy. Much love❤️

So motivated to walk now—helping our wounded warriors!


Good app

I like this app to be able to walk for charity. I just wish I could link it to my Fitbit or other device so it would track the miles automatically. I’ve lost several miles when my phone wasn’t charged enough or I’ve forgotten to start the workout.

Great at First

For the first two weeks I had Charity Miles, it worked perfectly and I looked forward to using it every day. Now, I try to use it but it never works right and is extremely inaccurate except for the time. I wished it worked properly!!

good app

not catching all action but great idea for a great cause

Easy to use

It’s great! Easy to use and makes me feel great. Only thing i wish could change is if you could show how much money you’re donating with every time you walk or run.

Cool way to get a workout in

It’s great to spend time getting fit and supporting a worthwhile cause.

My way of giving I can do lots!!

I’m so pleased with this app!! I had started another to motivate me into getting into a habit. This is all I need because I’m big on donating!! This way I don’t have to sweat my bank account and I can work up a healthy sweat and build my cardio for my own health!! I’m really jazzed about this wonderful way to give with a great sponsor, too. And we can bring it over to Instagram, too!! What more can a person ask for in an app!! Congratulations team CharityMiles!! You’ve got yourself a real winner——!!!

Where’s the Apple Watch integration?

Love the concept of this app, but it needs to be more compatible with Apple Watch. As it is now using a treadmill or any other indoor cardio equipment is completely incompatible with this app, which is ridiculous given the available technology. So many other apps manage to integrate both phone and watch input, why are you so far behind on this?

Doesn’t track my miles

It only rarely tracks my miles. I’ve tried to use it a few times in a row and 4/5 times it just says 0.00

Great idea, but...

I hate this app. You have to bring your phone with you on your workouts, and if you want to get any credit for your charity, have to remember to hit a button to “start” and “finish” your workout. Even when I do remember, it doesn’t record my hikes accurately, if at all. Ugh. If only it paired with my Fitbit.

Make your efforts worth more

This is such a great idea and a great app. It’s super simple to use and extremely reliable. It’s wonderful being able to use my exercise to benefit a charity of my choosing. And you can easily use it along with any other activity tracker you already use.

Great idea and motivation

I am really excited about this app. Not only is it a great idea and an amazing tool to give back in a new way, it is great motivation to get out and do what is truly difficult for most people. I love this idea and can’t wait to venture further into it!

good & good

Charity Miles is a great app that keeps me motivated to work out because I know it’s supporting a good cause! It’s super easy to use & a great way to give back!

Not even close

The mileage on this app is very much not accurate


Awesome App. Motivation to move while supporting a great movement!

Great App

Just took first walk/run with this app and do have to say I think it’s Brilliant!Firstly knowing that your doing something that is going to benefit others is a very rewarding feeling but it also makes you run/walk that extra bit knowing that the more you do helps people more and more.So u get the feeling of fulfillment but you also will get health benefits and develop more stamina by doing a little bit more each time out.Great idea and am Very glad I happened upon it as I am sure I will be using it for years to come.Congrats on a great app!! 👍🏼🙌🏻👏🏻

Adding Charities

My sister has an MIHP nonprofit she runs for pregnant and new mothers. I would like the ability to add her charity on to this site. I see all the good it does in Detroit and the surrounding areas. I’m disappointed this is not an option.

Too many emails. Too many alerts

Too many emails. Too many alerts. The app doesn’t need to stalk me. Don’t put default settings on full alerts.

Wow Idea

Love this idea: exercise + charity donation!


This is a great concept but I wish they could make it so it links right up with my health app so it can directly always be recording my steps and I don’t have to manually record it.

Must need FB

I don’t have or want FB. Why not create an alternative sign in method?

Great idea but needs bug work

I love the idea and use this app along with my Nike running app (iWatch). It’s not reliable to track your mileage. On many of my runs it hasn’t even calculated the miles only the time. On several of my runs it said that I walked instead of run. I would like to see these bugs fixed because I love the idea that my miles can help my charities of choice. I would also LOVE to be able to have the app on my iWatch so that I can run lighter

Poor Tracking

My workouts require a number of treadmill runs, I have a Garmin watch that tracks but this app always shows as less than .5 miles. Love the concept, but should integrate with current technology to really move the charities forward.

Charity Miles Rocks

This app makes my workouts more rewarding. Happy to get in shape and help others.

Use this app everyday

I believe that everyone should download this app and raise money for their cause! Easiest way to support a cause of your choosing. Simply choose your cause and go for a walk or run... good for you... good for them!

Cool Concept but Not Accurate

The app is a cool idea! I like the fact you can choose your organization and be on a team, but the miles/math behind the app isn’t accurate. I’ll run on a treadmill and it’ll track 2 miles but the app will show it as 1.2 so if you’re looking for a correctly measured exercise app, I’d pick a different one.

Terrible mileage tracker

Of the four times I have used this app, only two have tracked my miles close to accurately. Outdoor walking miles should not be so challenging to track, but this app manages to mess it up. After a 1 to 2 mile walk it still shows 0 miles. Very frustrating!


Until this app supports uploading bicycle ride and supports indoor cycling. 2 is the best you’ll get. I use Garmin connect for my outdoor ride and iFit indoors.

Amazing app

I think the concept is wonderful. App is simple and easy to use... I wish there was a pause button though (I’m so out of shape so I usually sit and rake a break before I run back home)

Great program for donating

Wonderful app.

Great... if you enjoy spam.

Used this app for years now. The amount you earn has steadily declined, which I attribute to a growing user base not keeping pace with contributions. Ok. App is technically average; it has its faults but isn’t horrible. You get hit with a lot of ads, which isn’t surprising since it’s how they make money. But it gets one star because of the relentless spam emails. It used to be maybe one per week. Then it stepped up to once daily. Now I often get 2 or more per day. Charity Miles, are you really that dense to think that people want to be harassed by you multiple times daily? I’ve tried unsubscribing via emails to support, via their site, by changing my account email... it won’t stop. And so, just like that, the people behind this app squandered years of a positive user relationship. Deleted. There are other apps for earning via your miles. Go with somebody who isn’t going to spam you.


If you are just gonna use the app for time and distance tracking, does the job. However, it can not tell you how far you are at specified increments

Excellent Challenge that Rewards the Community

Great app! Great experience that keeps me accountable!

My wish

I wish it would connect with my pedometer. I’d be able to help to raise more funds.

Thank you

Love helping while walking


I am a recovering b-cell ALL & SCT patient. I am, more importantly, a very avid and competitive tennis player. Has anyone figured out a good way to make this app work while on the tennis court? I’m not gonna put my giant smart phone in my pocket or strap it to my arm. After all, it’s a much better work out than walking. Thanks.

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