Charity Miles 앱 리뷰

Awesome app to help charity.

Awesome app to help charity. It would be wonderful it read my smart watch activity.

Love everything about this app

Love love love love love love love. One of my favorite apps out there thanks for all that you do.

Good Feel

Incredible way to give back to the less fortunate while increasing your own personal health! Such a good feeling knowing my physical effort gives back to the ones in need! Rode harder for the cause!

Used to be great.

I got this app last year and I absolutely loved it! However, at some point it updated and now it absolutely REFUSES to track my distance at all. All my other apps that track distance work so I know it’s not a phone issue. I wish it would get fixed so that I can use this app again.

Run & Give Back

It’s simple. Select your charity & set your workout type (run, walk, indoor run, etc) and you’re set.

Great concept if it worked

I have contacted the IT people, everything is up to date, and it never works on indoor runs and half the outdoor runs aren’t tracking and saving. They need to fix the bugs with this, its a great concept, if it worked.

Not accurate now!

I used to love this app, but now it’s not worth using. 2.5 mile outdoor run tracked on Road ID and CM only picked up .27! Please fix your app!

Great app

This app motivates me. Do something I need to do and raises money where money is needed.

App not working

Tapping outdoor run and nothing happens! First time using since update

Would be great if it didn't call runs "walk"s

I am a slow runner to begin with and often do RWR intervals. Sometimes I run on mountain trails which are even slower. This would be a great app if it did not insult my efforts by calling them a "walk" when I clearly chose "outdoor run" for a reason

Battery Drainer

The idea is great but regardless of your phones battery percentage, it will die after a mile or two, causing you to lose your time and donation :/

4 Stars

There are some problems, and distance trackers aren’t 100% accurate but have improved a lot. Great ap, cool to raise money for charity at the same time I’m working out.

Support your favorite charity

This is the easiest way to donate to your favorite charity! Also, knowing that you are helping a good cause is a great incentive to exercise!

Good Overall But Could Be Improved

My only complaint is that it does not track well using a treadmill, other than that, I think the app is good.

Why Not Run For A Cause

I first downloaded this app because I knew if I was already going to run, why not help out? On top of giving to charity, the app logs all your runs and your time and pace, so you can better yourself too! Also, the more miles logged, sponsors start to reward you, I've already gotten a free t-shirt and a hormone testing kit (that costs ~$70!). I highly recommend this app.

Charity App

This concept for an app is the BEST ever, but it can be hinky at best. I hope one day they have a way to make it collect all the miles all the time!!! It's my go

Inaccurate miles

Mileage is inaccurate. App starts and stops on it’s on. Records time and drops mileage

Feel good in so many ways

Why not do good for others while doing good for yourself! This app is a wonderful way to stay active while having a positive impact on causes you support. I’ve told all my friends about this app and thank Charity Miles for coming up with this wonderful app.


Need an iWatch version

Great app

A feel good app, with the knowledge of helping good causes.


Walking for a cause is always a great way to exercise and spend your time in general. 🌍 🕊

Could be MUCH better.

Doesn't let you back track your miles. You apparently have to have your phone with you, and I don't run with mine. So all these miles are getting lost.


I love this app and how it works for charities


I like the app just wish you had a suicide prevention charity to donate to.

Amazing app

Love the app and all the help it gives you step by step.

Great app for a great cause, or more!

This app is fabulous! I just select my charity of choice, for me, that is the MS Society because I have MS. I set it for indoor walk and go about my business. Every week I finish and start again. It motivates me to get more miles in each week!

Great motivator

Using this app motivates me to get out there more often and log miles. I have not noticed any problems with the accuracy of the distance like other reviewers have said. Update: Recent updates have added new features which are great, like the streak tracker on the home screen. I have used this app for over two years, logging a couple thousand Charity Miles.

How cool is this app?!

Charity donations just for me riding my bike? Yes please! I used this app for awhile when I was in my running phase. Turns out...I really do not like running. 😂 But I’ve recently moved to a very bike-friendly place, and then more recently realized this app also accepts biking activity. So I reinstalled it and I’m in the process of re-learning the habit of opening it when I get on my bike. I rack up 20-50 miles a week at this point, so it’s great that I can donate to causes I support at the same time.


Please please please make a version for the Series 3 iWatch.

Amazing but...

This app’s indoor mileage tracking system is extremely inaccurate. I cannot tell you how many times over the past two weeks I have had to run extra because of this system. I go to the gym on a daily basis and run a mile there on the treadmill, but on the app it’ll say I only did 0.7 or something like that. The tracking is very behind and it is so annoying to have to run extra when I only came to run one mile. For example, today I had to run 1.41 miles as opposed to 1 mile because of the system saying I ran 0.7 instead of 1, so I had to go extra. I love this app otherwise though, and the outdoor tracking system is great, and I also love the cause and that you get sponsors from certain companies (sunniva super coffee, Johnson&Johnson, Varidedk, etc) 😁 Please fix the tracking issue!


A GREAT motivator to get up and move.

Charity App success

I walk 4+ mornings / week and Charity allows me to do Good for me and others. I recommend to everyone who exercise’s!

Love the donation - miss some features

Miss being able to see my times and miss being able to see the donation amount my workout generated. But if you want your workout to result in a donation - I haven't found a better place. I take a screenshot at the end of the workout to keep track of progress. Keep up the great platform for donating but consider making it more user friendly for tracking fitness.

Helping others while helping ourselves

This is a great app that lets me walk, run & bike for a great cause. Pick your favorite charity, lace up your shoes, turn on the app and live life❣️

Awesome app!

I use it everywhere I go on foot. Giving back with something I already do is a no brained. Download it!


What a GREAT app!

What’s wrong with the app???

I ran 2.5 miles and the app didn’t track it. It tracked the time I ran and that was it.

Great app

This wonderful app allows me to do my daily walks and benefit others. Great motivator for keeping me walking. Thank You

No problem app

Love that I can run and help different charities with an unobtrusive app! Get it! Use it!


I heard about this through the ALS Association. It has inspired me to get moving again, knowing that I can raise money for different charities.

Great app!

I love running and it’s a huge bonus that a charity can benefit from it. Just wish there was a version of the app for Apple Watch so I can run without my phone 😩

Nice idea but outdated

They need to get with the times and integrate with things like Fitbit or at least Apple Health, I had it installed for about a week and never once remembered to start an activity. If it synced with my Fitbit it would see that I took several walks in that time.

“That was easy”

This is the most brilliant app on earth! So awesome to be able to generate funds for a cause I personally designate just by walking my dog! Thank you, corporate sponsors, for stepping up to make these generous contributions!

No brainer

What a great way to to exercise and earn money for needed causes. You walk, run, or Bike and sponsors give money to the charity of your choice per mile. No cost to you and you help those programs in need. Thank you Charity Miles your the Best!

Incredible opportunities

I love the chance to help an organization like the ASPCA while doing something simple, something I would be doing anyway. LOVE IT!

Frustrating end of run

Will change review when it takes fewer than 4 clicks to finish my run. Very clunky.

Straight Awesomeness

So, I came across this app and immediately feel in love. I was stationed in Africa and as I was getting back into my fitness I thought what better way to"Give Back While Getting". As I've logged over hundreds of miles running now I'm home and again getting back into my fitness I'm incorporating my cycling. Totally love this app. I wish I could see how much I've contributed per event/upload but overall this app is "Straight Awesomeness"!!! 😎🚴🏾🏃🏾🤙🏽

Charity Miles is a great app

Great App...I walk all over NYC and it's nice to know that I can walk with a purpose with corporate sponsors paying the charities I select. Great concept. Why doesn't everyone use Charity Miles?

Love love love

This is my favorite app, seriously. Giving money to charity just for walking like I would anyway!


Makes me feel like I am doing my part and get in shape. I tell everyone to do it

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