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Bike option

I like the indoor outdoor choices for run and walk, I would be great to have a bike option too!

Tlkneip@gmail .com

Can’t find the team I want to join in this charity “Stanford strong” that is reason for just 3 stars

Good idea but needs more charities.

Limited number of charities. Why is Salvation Army not on here?

Add More Charities!!!

I haven’t tried it out yet, but I already have a bone to pick with this app. I’m kind of disappointed by the selection of charities. I was expecting way more choices! There are currently some great charities to choose from, but I would really love to see a lot more added. One particular charity I was hoping to choose was NAMI (the National Alliance for Mental Illness). Given the number of people that suffer from mental conditions and illnesses (including myself), I would absolutely love to be able to walk or run for that cause. Please, please, please add more charities, including NAMI! Thank you 😊

Helpful tips

Would like to see an iwatch app to easily track miles and for it to keep track the miles you already walked if you should accidentally close the app before selecting finish

Walking with my Rottie

This app has really motivated me to walk for my own health as well as my dog’s health. Because I’m usually walking with her in tow, we opt for the animal charities like SPCA. Great app, very accurate and easy to use.

What happened??

I used to use this app last summer regularly and then along the way I stopped running and deleted it. Now I have started running again and thought, “oh I should download charity miles again.” So I download it and the first time I go to run after downloading it, I click to open it and it gives me that downloading signal where it grays out the icon and says “waiting”. I’m out at the park not connected to WiFi and it doesn’t load or update or whatever it’s trying to do at all the whole time. This happened two more times that I’ve tried to use it! I don’t understand why it’s never finished updating but it’s unusable and so annoying

Starting walk

I would prefer the app to begin when I begin and not have to remember to turn it on to start each time

Amazing but

The tracking is very inaccurate and I frequently lose miles. Customer service just says there are bugs. In last week lost over seven miles. Please fix bummed just lost 1.2 miles

Great App! Highly Recommend!

If you walk or bike a lot indoor or outdoors, highly recommend that you get this app! It keeps track of you miles and times, even your mph and it all goes to great causes!

Outdoor tracker needs work

I keep waiting for the tracker to get fixed. Since it’s winter, I usually use the indoor tracker (and I’m stoked that I can now get it to track treadmill miles period) but it’s extremely inaccurate. This is nothing compared to the inaccuracies of the outdoor tracker however. I have tried unsuccessfully to use the outdoor tracker and usually a mile in I check my phone to find that only a fraction of my mile was counted. This is annoying. At least I can switch to the indoor tracker and usually only lose that first mile or so. Still annoying.

Doesn’t track as well as other fitness apps

Should be modeled after other fitness apps

Indoor cycling please

Please add indoor cycling. With apps like Zwift & TrainerRoad there is no longer a reason to not have these miles count. Other than that great app

Mileage is way off

I used 2 different mileage calculators and this app is waaaaaay off. Shame. Hope you guys can fix that, ASAP!!

Tracking problems

Tracking is inaccurate and off by about 0.25 of a mile for every mile (using reliable Garmin GPS tracking as a comparison)

Love it! Maybe add an Apple Watch app?

I love using this app! As a member of Hogwarts Running Club I use it almost daily. The only thing that could make it better is being able to use it with my apple watch! I would log sooo many more miles that way since my watch is always on me, but my phone isn’t.


Wish the app would sync with Apple Watch ☹️

Mileage calc inaccurate

I've monitored my mileage while running with another app on my iPhone in addition to my Blaze and both are even, and charity miles isnt even coming close!!! Please fix!

Indoor not calculating

The indoor miles are not calculating correctly. I walked 35 minutes and it tells me I walked .02 miles.


Would be better if I didn’t have to keep it open on my screen the whole walk

It’s missing something...

Maybe these things are built into the app and I’m just not seeing them but I feel like the app could use a smart watch app to go with this brilliant concept and maybe a money counter to show how much you’ve racked up for your chosen organization can help you finish up that extra mile!

What a great motivator!

This app offers an inspiring use for your miles if you run, walk, jog or bike. Walking and running options are indoor or outdoor. This app is, however, a nascent effort. As it gains more support, I’d like to see more workout options, like aerobics, or just a daily step tracker that ran all day. I’d also like it to self-launch. Right now you need to open and close it around the workout. #firstworldoroblems. Still, it’s getting me up and moving today, and my points will go to one of the charities I’ve selected.

Accurate mileage reporting

I have more than 7 workouts that have not been captured. I hit finish workout and it doesn’t show that I’ve completed my workouts


App started out working great but now it’s not keeping track of my progress in my profile, there’s no point for me to turn app on and burn my battery down for nothing. If this doesn’t get fixed I will have no choice but to delete app, so please fix because I really don’t want to delete your app. I have to give a 4 star rating because of this problem. Disappointed in PA. Update: app is working great, must of had a glitch in the system.

Good, but

Please, please, please make an Apple Watch app! I don’t like to take my phone when I run outside because it’s too much to keep track of, and it’s so much easier to have it sit on the display of the treadmill than to fight with an arm strap. I want to donate my miles, please add an Apple Watch app!

Doesn’t track well

I love the idea of this app, but it doesn’t track well. I walked for over 30 minutes and it didn’t track any of it. So I restarted the app for the last 15 minutes of my walk, and it did track that. Seems like it should be more reliable than that.

Good app but I’m pretty annoyed right now

I just got this app and I just went on my first walk using this app and I walked 2 miles but when I was about to submit it the app froze and crashed when I went back onto the app the miles that I walked were not saved. So I just walked for nothing :/

Connect with apps?

I wish I could connect with my Fitbit. I walk daily and can get 6+ miles in and over 15-16,000 steps. It’d be nice to be able connect with just one app vs starting both my Fitbit and this app.

Great app, great idea!

Sign up was super easy, and the idea is really clever.


It doesn’t tell us how much and how the money is being donated

Walking for a difference

Nice for my simple walking to count for something. Great App.

Under-records miles

My fit bit and Apple Watch and other ways of recording mileage are essentially the same mileage walking but this app consistently under records mileage by about 20-25%. While that is discouraging in regards to doing my workouts, it is nice that my designated charity gets any benefit.


Odometer shorts the distance as compared to MapMyRun and Google Maps. You would think an app designed to promote charity would air on the higher end, why choose to short change charitable organizations?

Great app! could use improvement

This app is really motivating me to get out and expertise more than I already do. My school made a team on the app, and so the leaderboards are a fun aspect to have. I love that I can give money to national parks when I’m out enjoying nature. The app is also very useful for measuring distances of trips you take every day as well as the exact time it takes you to get to your destination. It’s fun to get to know the stats of my home town. I do wish that the interface was easier to use and more informative. The information that you can access is extremely limited. You can’t see any of your friend’s profiles, let alone their best times or fastest times. You can’t even see anything about a workout you did except the distance after you finish it. I would love to have more stats for me and my friends. Maybe fastest mph on a bike, or longest distance walked etc. also as it stands it is very easy to just get in a car and say you rode your bike. If the app could show the average speed you went throughout the workout it would eliminate this because people would easily be able to see you cheated.

Amazing concept, sub-par execution

I absolutely love the concept of the app, but the execution isn’t that great. Indoor tracking is extremely inaccurate and I wish it was compatible with my fitbit. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I always turn on this app but even if I spend 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours inside it will still sometimes says that I went 0.0 miles which is always upsetting since I don’t notice until I’m done. It would also be nice if I could sync the app with my fitbit because I always walk at least 5-6 miles daily since I work in retail. They also used to show how much money you were donating to the charity while you were exercising, and I wish they would bring it back.

Inaccurate miles

Every other app on my phone sees that I ride 5 miles each way to work; Charity Miles only records 0.241 miles. What good is it donating to charities if you only record 4.8% of my actual distance? Get it together, people!

Please add Zwift indoor riding

The title pretty much says it all. I love the app. It would be nice to record indoor riding through applications such as Zwift.

Amazing app but...

I love this app and the cause that it stands for. This is why I wish they will fix the inaccuracy of the indoor walking in order to be able to contribute to the good causes. For everything else, download the app and start walking!


Is the best app l ever have in my life.

I LOVE this

It’s addicting.

Did not track mileage accurately

I walked 2 miles on a treadmill and it only tracked that I walked .5 miles. I took a picture and everything. I’ll try it again but I’m not impressed. Maybe it’s different on a treadmill.

Love the update.

So far the outdoor walk and run distance has been extremely accurate. Since I don’t actually know my distance inside I’m not really sure how accurate that is or not. I LOVE the updated interface with the navigation at the bottom! It is so much easier to use now. My only wish is that I could use it with my Garmin 😧


I wish there were more charities or a way to add one. I would really like to support the 501c3’s here in Puerto Rico! There is still so much devastation here and people seem to have forgotten or have stopped giving. This would be a great way to help with recovery! #PRSeLevanta!

How many times do I need to click “done”?

It’s a great app. However, when I finish an activity, I have to click finish or done four times to really tell the app that I am through with my activity. Four times seems a bit excessive to me. Please change this feature.

Charity Miles

The APP is only missing one star due to not yet syncing with the running watches, and it could be more accurate on the treadmill runs. However, I absolutely love this idea and will keep using it for each outside walk and run!

Needs a watch app

Like the app wish it had a watch app

Fitness gear

Can you add Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc. thanks. Helps gain more miles.

Great but...

Every time I’ve tried using the app my distances are always inaccurate. And it’s too easy to just sit here and shake the phone around to tally up miles. It would be awesome if the developers could find away to link the app to other tracking devices such as a FitBit or Apple Watch. Taking the time to do 3+ miles a day but not getting credit for it is kina a bummer.

App & Podcast

Charity Miles, is an amazing app that allows us to log miles for the charity of our choice. There are tons of charities to choose from, and you do not have to “BE” anything special. It does not cost you a dime! You can join teams—be competitive if you wish too! There is also a podcast which is an inspiration. It shares incredible feats, great ideas, perseverance, and dedication can make the impossible—possible. If you listen when you do housework—you’ll end up taking your dogs for a walk, running a 5k, and maybe even qualifying for Boston one day. It discusses real life struggles leading to great things—not in a solitary room, but on busy streets across the country! Give it a listen—you will not be disappointed!


GPS doesn’t work well

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