Charity Miles 앱 리뷰

Doesn’t track accurately!

The concept of this app is good but the tracking system is terrible and inaccurate!! I down loaded this app a week and a half ago and the first two outdoor runs were accurate and the last two I’ve done are completely wrong! I opened a help ticket for this and they never responded and today i turned it on and it started the clock and when I got home i pushed finished and it didn’t even record it at all and I ran 3.9 miles so I’m just gonna delete it! I was super excited about this app too!!


What a great way to make doing good for my health also good for others!! Thanks to the people who make my run even more valuable!

Wonderful App with Purpose...One Flaw

I am a huge fan of the Charity Miles app. I love the purpose behind it, I am extra motivated by the opportunity to use my exercise for good. I love the podcast! However, indoor tracking is woefully wonky. It is often the behind, or completely freezes on registers nothing for next to nothing. Talk about a let down when you have put in a bunch of miles, and then find that the app has only tracked .125 of a mile. Outdoor tracking is pretty spot-on and consistent, but when the extreme temps drive us indoors, this is where the app is lacking. The actual problem is likely with the device being used and the motion sensors. However, a backup or optional method of tracking would be so helpful!

No CF Charity

I downloaded the app to run for Cystic Fibrosis. No charity for this disease is listed on the app so I’m deleting. The app itself is easy to use. The concept is great. But no CF charity.

Changes to website

I loved this app when I could just go into it, pick my charity and go. Why did you change it?! I may delete it.

Love the Idea

I love being able to earn money for national parks while doing what I would be doing throughout the day anyway (walking, biking, hiking, etc), however I find it really annoying that unless I log into the app 2 or 3 times a day, it won’t record workouts. The other day I did a 2 mike walk, completed it in the app, but didn’t open the app again for the rest of the day. It didn’t end up recording my miles, and I had to start my “streak” over again. This literally happens on every workout- unless I go back in and do another one, it doesn’t record the first. Would be great if they fixed these little bugs.

Do I have to hold my phone???

I do my indoor walk on a treadmill and didn’t realize I have to hold my cell phone to make it register...this is a bit of a nuisance... anyway around it?

Not quite accurate.

The app is slightly off saying I walked 8/10ths of a mile when I actually walked 1 mile. It also said I stopped walking 5 minutes before I did. I also don’t like that I have to have GPS tracking in constantly to be able to use this app. Would rather be able to update through my VivioFit.


Great way to stay active for a cause 💓

Great concept

I really enjoy the this app. It’s such a great concept. I have been using this app on a daily basis and it’s so easy to use. Although I’ve finding that I’m really only able to use the app to track my daily steps. I currently use the iPhone 6s+, which is a rather heavy model. I’m not able to comfortably wear the phone in an arm strap while I run/workout, which makes it impossible to track my steps precisely when it would do the most good to do so. I feel this would be remedied if there was a version of this app for the Apple Watch. I can only hope this feature will be added in the near future. I only gave 3 stars due to the lack of watch feature.


Keeps me on track. Love the simplicity and thought of helping animals with the aspca, it’s heart warming, all the way around



Ok, but an Apple Watch app would be amazing!!!!

Buggy and not terribly accurate, but the only way I can track miles for Hogwarts Running Club. Indoor tracker is all over the map. PLEASE create an Apple Watch App!!!!! I’d pay money for that!

Loved the app, but ...

Loved the app, but it no longer can track my miles. It just stays at 0 no matter if I switch from access location when using or always on.

Great, could be excellent

Will move up a notch when it can gather data from my iWatch!

I love it

I love it because you can ran and it gives people money


The fact that this donates money to charities I support really motivates me to get out there and go for a run. It’s really a win win and pretty simple setup in the app

Great way to support your favorite charity!

Support your charity while you take a walk or run.

Love it but

Can you make it compatible with Apple Watch? That would make things easier for some of us. I do love the app though and don’t get to use it as often as I wish I could.


Easy to use, and for a good cause. My only complaint is I’d like it to be able to link with Garmin Connect or Strava so I don’t need to bring my phone. 5 stars if that link was available


Doesn’t accurately track miles when using a treadmill.

No sync with other apps.

App does not sync with Strava, Garmin or other applications or devices.

Running with a phone?

It would be great if this app joined the 21st century and paired with the Apple Watch, Garmin watches, Fitbit, or other such devices. I find it awkward and cumbersome to run with a phone, not to mention the potential for phone damage through sweat, motion or dropping.

Great App But...

Where is the Apple Watch app? I leave my phone in my bag now and sometimes I forget to turn on Charity Miles because I use all my run apps from my Apple Watch 3! So hurry and make an app for us!! But I do love the app and that I can run and donate to the ASPCA! Makes me feel like I am running for a purpose now!

Make your miles count

If you’re going to run or walk, why not help others while you’re at it. You can join a team or go solo. They have interesting podcasts to keep you motivated. Check it out and join us do-gooders.

Great Idea

This is a great idea to get money for well deserved charities!


I like this app - I turn it on when mowing the lawn or simply around the house doing chores. It’s an easy way to give back

Iwatch compatibly

LOVE charity miles Motivated me to run and remain active. I do wish it would be iwatch compatible so that I wouldn’t have to carry a separate device:(

Tracking capability

It would be great if there was a way for charity miles to sync with or pull data from other devices/apps (Fitbit)

Charity mile app

Needs to be app for Apple Watch. So don’t have to have phone


A perfect way to give to the Charity if your choice.

Great idea but..,

This app has a good concept to it but I wish I could connect my garmin to it so I don’t have to bring my pone with me on bike rides, it would be awesome if I could use the miles my Garmin tracks on this app

Great cause..

The mileage does seem to be off as others have stated, the app picks up less miles than you actually do based on machines- and even mile markers at my local park. Also I can’t believe they don’t have an app for the Apple Watch. I would like to be able to use this app without having to take my whole phone with me. And this would be a perfect tracker. Additionally There doesn’t seem to be a way to link my activity in this app with my Apple health app and other trackers. But it is a great cause and I love that.

Wonderful way to give to your favorite charity!

I love this app. I walk daily and now feel as though I am able to contribute to my favorite charity while improving my health. It also provides an incentive for me to walk a little bit further each day. I am not a runner, but it also has that as an option, as well as biking and indoor walking/running. I love that I am able to clock my daily mileage on my walks.

Off on the mileage

Short on mileage used three other apps and it stated 6.00 to 6.16 miles

Cool but falls short.

It’s a really great idea but I just ran a 5k and it recorded less then 2miles and not being able to sync with Fitbit or other related products is out dates and cause it to drain my phone battery

Inaccurate tracking for indoors

I really love the idea of this App, but it’s incredibly inaccurate and difficult to convince others to use because it cannot pick up indoor distance. I have verified settings are appropriate and compared to other trackers and devices, and this records less than half of real miles logged. Please fix this issue so I and others will continue to utilize this app. Otherwise it’s very disappointing to see such inaccurate results when you know you’ve worked so much harder than it shows. Thank you.

Many missing details.

Many bugs to fix. Only outdoor workouts log. Can’t see list of teammates. Apparently rounds down to lowest whole mile? No communication between devices, ie: Apple Watch or Garmin. I love, love, love the purpose of this app. I desperately hope they work on these details that most serious athletes find to be necessities. It’ll be amazing when they do!

What a great App!!

So many worthwhile charities out there!! Thank you for the opportunity and support!! All the best, Glen

Mileage is off

Compared to my treadmill, this is way under the mileage that reads on my treadmill. Wish we could manually enter:(

I wish there was an Apple Watch app

I love charity miles but I would love it even more if there was an app for my watch. I love the freedom of leaving my phone at home when I walk the dog or go for a run but I can’t log my charity miles like that.


Wish it connected to my Apple Watch or had an indoor spin option. My 12 mile spin ride looks like less than 2 miles.

It’s great but

I wish there was a gps track something that shows what I ran on the outdoor run option

Great APP!

I love walking for charity!

Love the idea

Love the idea, but hate that it doesn’t sync with Garmin app. I never run with my phone :(

This is Awesome

I absolutely love to exercise but I also wanted to make money doing it. So with this app, I can make money doing what I love AND the money I make doing it gets sent to a charity of my choice! I recommend this app for everyone.

Great app great cause

Great app great cause! Wish I could connect directly to my Garmin though. Hope the developers consider adding the feature especially since they’re a sponsor

Awesome app

Love to help and love to run

Needs way to review charity options

There are 40 charity options but no links to check them out on Charity Navigator or Guide Star. I only support charities I’ve confirmed are highly rated. I could check reviews outside the app, but doing so is cumbersome. Wish the app either contained links to reviews or else stated that all charities listed as options have the highest ratings on Charity Navigator, etc. I’d feel better knowing that.

Good Premise - Needs Some Improvement

Some changes I’d like to see: 1. An Apple Watch version so I can start/stop from there. 2. Even better, integrate with Apple Workout, Health, Strava and/or Fitbit so I don’t have to have multiple apps running - any one of those should update this. 3. I see I’m sponsored but I’d like to know how much is being donated b/c of my walk/ride.

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